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Diese Maske wurde im August 2019 zur Verwendung als Kostüm bei der Vorstellung "Paces" hergestellt.

(Holz, Leder, Geweih, Band, Kunsthaar)

Sie stellt eine fantasievolle Vereinigung dar und beinhaltet Elemente von dem Riesen Ymir, der Urkuh Authumbla und dem naturgöttlichen Hirschen der bei Yggdrasil weidet.

Insgesamt 50 solcher Bretter wurden im April 2019 manuell gefertigt, um beim Dwarsdriewer Festival am 25. und 26. Mai 2019 als Essgeschirr zu dienen. So wurde der Vermeidung von Plastikmüll besondere Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt.

Eine weitere Arbeit für das Dwarsdriewer Festival 2019 waren, die Trinkläser und Ticket-/Infopackete, die in einer recycelten Flaschenpost zusammen form fanden. Es wurden ebenfalls in Handarbeit ca. 100stk. hergestellt.

ASK - a small wooden boat

Crossing water,connecting worlds Travelling to the unknown, discovering. Learning, not beeing afraid.


I built a boat that is nearly three meters long. I used a traditional klinker technique like it would have been done a thousand years ago. I was very strict about it so I did not use any unapropriate power tools. For each plank I went out to look for a tree that had the right shape. I brought the branch home and carved it into a plank whith an axe before I attached it to the hull. I was caulking everything with hemp and tar. The boat has oars and can be sailed as well. It was an experiment of endurance, physical impact, historical and personal research, challenging ones abilities in a rather unknown field. 

The deeper I got involved with the subject, the more I learned also about other things. From the starting point of practically working with wood, my interest spread in several historical and mythological directions. 

On the bottom of this page you find my favorite sources from this period of my research. When it is complete the boat will be called "Ask Horizontjäger"


april  - december 2015
february 2016
august 2016

Asking/questioning is one thing I will never stop doing .

For this project I researched about geography, religion, political history, spirituality, food, tools, sexuality, motivation and discipline, manipulation, time management, germanic and nordic mythology and sagas, Ideology, physical practices .


And yes, I also built a boat.


The following videos and links don't belong to me, I just place them here to register my most interesting sources.

Why I chose to build a boat and to build it the way I did:

I didn't know how to build a boat and I still don't know if my boat will actually swimm.


A boat is a symbol of the political situation we have in Germany and other european countries at the moment.

But a boat is also a symbol for stiking together in a hard situation or for broadening ones horizon.


As long as we stay flexible, open minded and courious to mix cultures, to be respectful with each other and to rethink our patterns, there might be a way to make the future work! We need to work hard and to dare to jump into the unknown. Just like all the  people in small wooden boats are forced to do when they try to make it to europe alive.  a lot of patience and the courage to learn are necessary from all sides. Rejection is a dead end.  

While building the boat I researched every bit of how the process would have been a thousand years ago. I know all the materials and procedures. I tried them all but i had to stay flexible enough to question them in the here and now. 

Asking questions leads to understanding leads to change leads into the future! 

I started building this boat to learn more about  the history and the past of the baltic country I grew up in. I ended up learning about the now and the future. 

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